To aid you in navigating our health system and make your visit with us a pleasant experience,  Southeastern Virginia Health System requires that its patients adhere to the following policies and practices:

You keep all appointments as scheduled and that you arrive on time to your visit. If you are not able to be on time, please call our offices.

All of our facilities are smoke free. Visitors are prohibited from smoking within our facilities. Please extinguish your cigarettes, pipes or cigars before entering our practices.

To protect your privacy and so as not to cause any disruption to the care provided to you, the use of cell phones are prohibited within our facilities. Please end your call before entering our practices.

Patients are required to pay their nominal fee at the time of their visit. SEVHS accepts, U.S. currency in the form of cash, checks, money orders, credit and debit cards as payment for services rendered.

Insured persons should present their insurance card at each and every visit.

In order to establish your nominal fee (sliding fee discount), you should provide proof of household income upon your first visit. This income verification must be done annually, thereafter. Acceptable documents include:

  • Paystubs (last 2 statements)
  • W-2

Follow your health care plan and physician’s directions.

All patients should present a government issued picture ID at each and every visit.

Let us know how we can further assist you.